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The Yacht Charterer's Guide to the Unique Culture of Miami, South Beach and Biscayne Bay

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A Brief Introduction to Miami

It’s a warm, summer’s evening; the moon and stars are beginning to emerge, tentatively littering the sky with a few timid twinkles. The sun has finally relented on the city of Miami, settling down after a long day of unfaltering, seemingly endless heat, emblazoning the sky with a prominent, salmon pink, mandarin hue. Within the melange of warmth and colour silhouettes the Miami Skyline; colossal, high-rise buildings sprouted up seemingly out of nowhere, looming over the harbour and Biscayne Bay, stretching up towards the painted sky, mimicking the stars with a thousand tiny, twinkling lights.

Reflected into the glistening water is the result of an inter-continental infusion of culture and art, ideologies and societies, livelihoods and passions. Miami is the epitome of symbiosis; painted, cultivated and transformed by the very same people it houses; allowing them to thrive and discover themselves- Miami is as much a reflection of the people as the people are of Miami. There is no denying Miami of its colourful history: one can’t discuss the financial growth and cultural boom without mentioning the name Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. Similarly, one cannot even begin to think about Miami's foundations without bringing into context Miami's integrated relationship with Cuba.

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Where to Charter in Miami:

The Miami City Centre

Miami is the ideal location for a luxury yacht charter. The heart of the city is still very much accessible by boat; imagine the hustle and bustle of city life perfectly juxtaposed by the slow-moving ebb and flow of life on board a luxury superyacht- this is an experience you’ll struggle to find elsewhere!

Miami has something to offer for everyone; whether you're on a culture trip or looking to party- or even a bit of both- you can be sure you won't be lost for things to do! The best way to see Miami is undoubtedly by boat, and if you're looking for inspiration then have a look at our Day Charter Itinerary for an idea of the breathtaking views and scenic skylines that are paired so much better with the gentle rocking of your luxury yacht and, maybe, a glass of bubbly in hand!

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Miami Day Chartering

BG3 Miami Day Boat

Miami is becoming an increasingly popular destination for those seeking a quick getaway, and it's no surprise that chartering a yacht for the day is one of the most sought after activities. There is no easier way to see Miami in its entirety whilst also experiencing the buzz of the city other than renting a boat, and we can make sure that you really get the full experience! Have a look at our Miami Day Charter Yachts to see what takes your fancy!

Star Island and the Venetian Islands

Star Island

Much like Hollywood, Miami is home to many stars and celebrities, such as Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Sylvester Stallone and Madonna. Star Island, as it is aptly named, is just South of Miami’s Venetian Islands and is an absolute must-see for those wishing for a taste of the high life whilst on a yacht charter. With impressive mansions, giant swimming pools and an air of complete exclusivity, there is no place quite like Star Island to leave one feeling totally star-struck! The Venetian Islands are a chain of manmade islands, exclusive to the rich and famous. The Venetian Islands consist of five interconnected, artificial islands stretching from Miami to Miami Beach, and go by the names of Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island and Belle Isle. These islands are inhabited by luxury homes, each one with its own pier; some of these houses are immaculately presented, and to see them all lined up along the islands is an incredibly satisfying sight - especially from your own luxury yacht!

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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Cape Florida State Park

This State Park is home to one of America’s top ten beaches, and once you’ve experienced it, you’re sure to agree! Golden sand, palm trees and sapphire water stretching as far as the eye can see; nothing but ocean and blue sky in the horizon; this is a place of absolute tranquillity. Whilst this park is ideal for the sun-seekers among us, it may also be interesting to note that Cape Florida is also rife with history. The Cape Florida Lighthouse is the oldest standing structure in South Florida. In 1826, it came under siege by Native Indians, withstanding fire and, more impressively, an entire barrel of gunpowder! Today, this lighthouse provides the perfect viewpoint for the lush greenery of the State Park, with the Miami City skyline as a distant backdrop. As the evening draws in, you can enjoy dinner al fresco accompanied by the gorgeous sunsets of Miami, at one of Cape Florida’s 2 Cuban Restaurants.

Have a look at our blog on Biscayne National Park to see what other natural wonders Miami has to offer!

Nikki Beach, South Beach


For a taste of luxurious exclusivity injected with satisfying, deep bass to amplify an atmosphere that screams Spring Break, look no further than Nikki Beach! An iconic landmark of South Beach, boasting golden sand, palm trees, turquoise water, beach bars, huge sunbeds, loud music, cocktails… The list just goes on! Nikki Beach is comprised of a restaurant, beach club, cabana bar, café and nightclub, so the days will just fly by whilst you sip house-cocktails and soak up the sun and vibrant, playful ambiance. Nikki Beach is split into a party area and relaxation area: if you’re not feeling the music then you can still enjoy the luxuries this exclusive beach club has to offer in calm serenity, with nothing but the gentle sound of the water to accompany you! You’ll feel completely looked after during your visit, with free Wi-Fi, a variety of tea and coffee and a superb lunch menu to keep you fuelled throughout the day; you can be sure to leave feeling refreshed and re-energised for another day!

Our Guide to Miami Beach Clubs

Little Havana

Little Havana

Little Havana’s history began in the 1950s and 60s; the area became a primarily Cuban settlement, keeping the seams of Cuban culture tight-knit to maintain an atmosphere that some may relate to as a carbon copy of the Cuban capital! The sharp, impressive-yet-looming presence of the glass-clad skyscrapers, quintessential to the Miami skyline, seems to be a completely distant memory when walking through the streets of Little Havana, lined with quirky, Latin American architecture and bursting with vibrant colours, music and people. All it takes is a few small steps for you to really start to understand the deep, communal roots that gave birth to such a beautiful bubble of Hispanic culture. When thinking about places to visit in Miami, Little Havana deserves a spot at the top of the list. Stepping-foot onto Calle Ocho, the first block in Little Havana- littered with art galleries and signposted by vibrant, painted roosters- means taking a step into what feels like an entirely different country. The people are welcoming and friendly, with numerous family-owned businesses that simply epitomise the unique nature of Cuba, ranging from fruit and smoothie shops to traditional Cuban cigar shops, multiple cafes and a plethora of Cuban and Latino restaurants, with owners waiting with open arms to welcome you in!


Miami Marlins,

Miami is one of the few US cities with four major sports teams; the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins and the Florida Panthers. There are a number of stadiums in Miami, such as the American Airlines Arena, and Marlins Park, each one alive with energy and motion, so whether you follow Basketball, Baseball, American Football or Hockey, one of the best ways to get a taste of Miami’s culture and people is through the sports!


Fresh Miami Crab

Miami's cuisine can be seen as the embodiment of an infusion of original, imaginative and creative cultures; anything you crave, you’ll be sure to find it! From the freshest seafood to rare specialities flown in from around the world; from flavourful fruit smoothies to the local fresh coconut salesman, you can find evidence of Miami’s unique palate anywhere you go! Miami’s food is often referred to as 'Florribean': a mixture of Florida and Caribbean (with a hint of Latin American thrown in there for good measure!). Florida’s delicacy- which is just a must- is the famous Key Lime Pie; it pairs beautifully with a fresh roast Cuban coffee, and as a refreshment from the Miami sunshine, you can enjoy a freshly made cup of Guarapo, which is sugar cane juice.

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Miami's Art and Music

Ernesto Maranje Street Art,

Art. Art and creativity is constantly flowing through the veins of Miami; whether it's local artists or big names in the art world that come in December for the Miami Art Basel, everyone makes it their duty to uphold Miami’s reputation as a vibrant, colourful heart of culture! Much like Miami’s weather, the art and creative world is constantly booming. For example the Miami Design District boasts a range of boutique fashion designers to high end labels such as Louis Vuitton, all housed in a myriad of original architecture, the cherry on top of the prolific gateau! For Instagram-lovers, look no further than the brightly-painted walls of the Wynwood Art District, known as the Wynwood Walls! Previously a warehouse district, Wynwood has been given a makeover to the extreme, with stunning art installations and quirky street art; the full spectrum of every colour under the sun is right here on beautiful, organic display- Miami knows that art comes from the soul, and accommodates to any and every creative mind to keep that soul alive!

Ultra Festival Miami,

Music. Miami’s music scene spreads incredibly far and wide. The home and birthplace of Miami Bass welcomes a diversity of genres, and there are many successful artists and DJs who would admit that Miami is on the list of their favourite places to perform due to the reception and abundance of energy to be found throughout. Miami truly is the destination for party-goers, whether you seek all-day pool parties, exclusive clubs with intimate DJ sets or massive music festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, you’ve definitely made the right destination decision!

Miami Club Scene

Each district of Miami maintains its own soundtrack, so you will find yourself drifting through a seemingly endless mix of Latin, Reggae, Hip Hop and Club, and all of these genres come together every year for the Winter Music Conference festival, the ideal event for DJs and artists! Miami Music Week is a week-long celebration of Electronic Dance Music, so the atmosphere is bound to be booming!

Our Miami Charter Yachts

JULIA DOROTHY Miami Day Charter Yacht

Miami makes a great starting place for all your Florida Yacht Charters; whether you want to spend your day charter soaking up the colourful atmosphere that sets this vibrant city far apart from the rest, or make it a real voyage and head to the Bahamas and Florida Keys to make the most of the glistening, invitingly azure waters. This city doesn't just bring the life and soul to the party, Miami is the life and soul!

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